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Zombie Art is a style that is always activated, and used by Kaien. This style allows Kaien to use all of his techniques that deal with reforming or reconstructing his body and chakra without weaving hand signs at all. Zombie Art allows Kaien to infect, and control someone by blood contact, this style incorporates Jashin and Reanimation techniques.


Zombie Art supposedly didn't have a creator, it was just written in a book, but upon further inspection by Kaien, Zombie Art was created by Jashin himself and incorporates the immortality aspect of the style, but has more to it than immortality. Kaien found out that Jashin wanted to created something that had a little bit of the immortality aspect, but with more leisure to do things. Jashin started to experiment on himself, using different solutions and methods. As he experimented on himself, he wrote it down in a book, in the book he wrote, "Whoever master's this style when its done, will be the reincarnation of me and well be known as a true Jashinist. After years of experimenting and methods, Jashin finally figured it out and mastered the style himself.

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