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Name Yuuto
Personal Status
Birthdate August Fifth
Age 15
Gender Male
Height 6"4
Weight 150LB
Blood Type O negative
Hometown Hayashi Village
Home Country Land of Birds
Clan None
Occupation Shop keeper
Previous Occupation Assistant shop keeper
Family Yuina (mother)
Yuudai (father)


Yuuto was born on new year's day, in a little village near the capital of the Land of Birds called Hayashi Village to his mother Yuina and his father Yuudai. Due to the bad economy of the village, his father was not around a lot when he was a baby, having to work overtime and at other jobs to make up for his wife's absence at her job and the fact that even when the two of them were woking, there was barley enough money. When he was five years old, the village's economy picked up a little bit and his father was able to quit one of his jobs and be home more however, it was also the age that they felt comfortable hiring a babysitter to keep an eye on him. With the hiring of a babysitter, his mother went back to work, bringing in more money for the household which made things a little better however, Yuuto spent the next five years hardly seeing his parents. When he was eight, Yuuto made his first friend, a neighborhood girl named Yuna Fujioka who was in the same situation as himself. They played a lot together under the supervision of their respective babysitters until the age of ten when they were forced to get a job to support their families, causing them to see less of each other however, their parents were able to be home more since they didn't need to work as much with their children working as well. Yuuto got a job as an assistant shopkeeper while his friend, Yuna become the assistant shopkeeper of the local flowershop.






Because Yuuto grew up as a common civilian in the Land of Birds and not a shinobi, his abilities are little more than the average skills developed in school however, due to his job as an assistant shopkeeper and shopkeeper, Yuuto has become rather adept at business and dealing with people on professional level. But unknown to most, Yuuto is able to subconsciously tap into knowledge of the past that he shouldn't know such as battles with bandits and so forth that he never studied. This surprised everyone who knows him but they quickly wrote it off as a facination with history and an extensive study of it. Unknown to him though, this is not the only unusual gift he has, Yuuki can also subconsciously tap into physical abilities beyond not only his years but his athletic training. This is because he is the reincarnation of a fallen shinobi from hundreds of years ago.




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