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Yuuta Kemono
Name Yuuta
Kanji 優 (yuu) 太 (ta)
Personal Status
Birthdate February 19
Age 11
Gender Male
Height 4"5
Weight 86
Blood Type O Positive
Hometown Land of Wind
Home Country Sunagakure
Clan Kemono Clan
Partner Hiroshi - Sensei
Kenshin Aburame - Teammate
Yoshi Kochi - Teammate
Rank Genin
Ninja Registration 84634
Academy Grad. Age 11
Nature Type Wind Release
Earth Release
Jutsu Wind Release Stream
Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique
Wind Release Slash
Wind Release: Vacuum Wave
Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere
Wind Release: Pressure Damage
Wind Release: Flower Scattering Dance
Wind Release: Vacuum Serial Waves
Weapons Kunai


Yuuta is a member of the Kemono Clan. He was first born in a little settelment of Kemono members outside of the Land of Wind village is Sunagakure. He was raised in the little village untill he was at the age of five when it was under attack by those who wanted to take their Chakra Beast. In the result the bandits were killed but the entire settelment was also.

Yuuta was one of the very few that survived. He was taken under the Land of Wind because they both had a good friendship. Yuuta then lived out the rest of his life in the bigger village. But having no parents that he sadly saw die in front of him.

Yuuta enrolled into the academy at the age of eight. He didn't graduate untill he was 10 because he had a low amount of chakra. This was due to him having to supress his Chakra Beast's chakra.

Once Yuuta graduated he was assigned to Team 18.




Yuuta has a low amount of chakra. This is only because of his Chakra Beast. If he didn't have to supress the chakra beast he could technically have higher chakra level's then the Kage themselves.

Chakra ControlEdit

Yuuta is great at chakra control. This is because he need to supress his beast that he needs to control his chakra perfectly.


Yuuta's Ninjutsu mainly came from his Beast. As they do share techniques with one another. Yuuta can only do Wind Techniques at the current moment but has the potential for Earth Techniques. He does have Earth Release but only has one technique for it so far.



Yuuta is possibly the best Taijutsu user in his team, with the exception of Hiroshi, his sensei. This is mostly due to his beast as it is the snake. He is also the sneeky type and really good at it.


Yuuta is definatly the smartest out of the other Genin in his Team. This is because he has the Snake Chakra Beast. The chakra beast and host do share allot of things.

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