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"People think that I will turn out to be like my brother, that I will become another legacy to protect the village of Karasugakure. I may try to become that I look up to but in the long run I will become an adaption of that person to make my own legacy. You should never try to become the same but rather take ideas of their success but manipulate it into your own. Its a feat that very few have done but still work towards it such as I."
Yuuka Uchiha_Yuuka's Nindo

Yuuka Uchiha
Yuuka Uchiha
(優花うちは, Uchiha Yuuka)
Yuuka Sarutobi (優花猿飛, Sarutobi Yuuka)
Name Yuuka Uchiha
Kanji 優花
Rōmaji Yuuka
Means Gentleness Flower
Personal Status
Birthdate November 29
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 5"7
Weight 110
Blood Type B Positive
Hometown Karasugakure
Home Country Land of Crows
Affiliation Karasugakure
Clan Uchiha Symbol Uchiha Clan
Occupation Traveler
Previous Occupation Farmer
Team None
Previous Team None
Partner None
Previous Partner None
Family Sora Uchiha (Father)
Yuuki Uchiha (Mother)
Katashi Uchiha (Brother)
Control Act
Classification Genjutsu Specialist
Years In Hiding 17
Current Whereabouts Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Threat Level Low
Nature Type Fire Release Fire Release (Affinity)
Jutsu Demonic Illusion: Double False Surroundings Technique
Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique
Fire Release: Fire Dragon Bullet
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Fire Release: Magnificent Flame Technique
Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique
Infinite Embrace
Mind Locking Technique
Strong Fist
Weapons Kunai x15
Shuriken x20
Food Pills x3

Yuuka Uchiha is a hidden Uchiha that was born in Karasugakure some time after the massacre. Yuuka is the second and youngest child of her family, her older brother being Katashi Uchiha. She has worked her way up to Chunin so far but does show the potential to exceed to the ranking of Jonin. Yuuka specializes in Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, and even some Taijutsu seeing as she is one of the strongest Ninja in her village from pure training as well. She has been known to be the next greatest Kunoichi of the village due to her brothers legacy of skill.


Yuuka is a 17 year old that weights about 110 pounds and stands at 5 feet and 7 inches. Yuuka has pale skin even though she spends most of her time outside and has black long hair that's also quite bushy. Her hair goes all the way down to her right above her waste while having two strands in front of her go all the way down to her mid section of her stomach. Yuuka's hair is thicker than most and normally gets messed up only in the morning seeing as it can go through an entire sparing match with it not being messed up.

Yuuka has a pretty normal face with a slightly pointed chin. She has a tab bit above average size eyes with slim solid eyebrows. Her bangs cover up a majority of her face but you can see her small nose that fits her face perfectly. Her face is also quite slim but seems a little fatter with her hair covering some of it.

She wears a sleeveless coat that splits towards the end to normally show the stomach area but has it covered with chain-mail. The collar of her jacket also extends a little to cover her neck but can still be seen. For sleeves she uses chain-mail that go a little bit above the elbows. Yuuka is also seen to wear long fingerless gloves that go up to her mid forearm.

Yuuka is normally known to wear very small shorts that would normally reveal allot but covers the empty area with chain-mail for protection purposes. For shoes she wear these types of boots that have the normal Ninja shoes on the bottoms but have sleeves that go all the way up to her mid thigh.




Yuuka was born in a farming village called Karasugakure. She was born into a family of a Mother, Yuuki Uchiha, a Father, Sora Uchiha, and an older brother, Katashi Uchiha. Her conceiving was successful with little to no complications. Although Yuuka was the second try to have another child but the first had been a miscarriage making Yuuka a bless to her parents. This had also made her brother swear to protect Yuuka so their mother wouldn't go through the time of depression she had gone through before.

Childhood/Academy Years

The age of 6 she has started to train with her father and brother, the same age Katashi started his training. Katashi and Sora had pushed Yuuka a little less than Katashi was pushed originally. They had started to work on her chakra and Ninjutsu by teaching her the concept of them. They had also scrapped the utmost layer of Nature Transformation as well. Like Katashi, she shown the ability to wield Genjutsu at a very young age age make them descriptive as well. This truly showed that Genjutsu was an inherited ability rather than a natural skill.

She quickly looked up at her brother, not just because of his height but also that she wanted to follow his footsteps. This driven her to get better and at such a young age did good for her. With the help of her father and brother she was able to join the academy at an age of 7. The instructors told Sora that the chances of her passing are slim to non due to her inexperience and age. But her father had put it off knowing that she would pass such as Katashi had done so he didn't mind the comment.

At first Yuuka didn't make any friends in the academy as she didn't really try but rather hanged out with her brothers friends. After a few weeks she did turn into a little 'tomboy' but she kept to the girl ways of flirting and blushing when a boy she liked came around, but she was able to talk with guys much easier than most girls. During the first day she had sat alone but was able to answer all of the Instructors questions due to her brother, Katashi, teaching her the concepts before the academy had taken her in.

The instructors where surprised on how a young girl was able to understand the concepts and get ahead of the class. A 7 year old girl was able to surpass 10 year old's, not only knowledge of the teachings but also excelled in some classes. The one that she seemed to instantly get was the Genjutsu one, the same as her brother had done. This just went to show that Genjutsu was truly a Genetic ability rather than a one time gift with Katashi. But she had also shown to be proficient in Ninjutsu along with strength.

The instructors commented on her above average strength and that it could even match up to a Chunin if they were to be weak enough. Yuuka couldn't do much in the way of her strength nor Taijutsu but the instructors had wanted to train her a little in it to increase her ability. In Yuuka's opinion she had wanted to train more in Genjutsu but noticed that being well versatile would help allow her to exceed Katashi's abilities as a Shinobi. From this point she had started to work on Taijutsu with her instructors and teachers. Yuuka had learn how to wield her strength into a great fighting style, Strong Fist.

At the age of 8 Yuuka had taken the Academy's exam and passed with the highest score on the exam, it was actually tied with Katashi's score going to show that Yuuka has been caching up to Katashi himself. Right after she passed, the entire student population that passed was assigned a team from their results and strengths which was mostly planned out before hand. The team Yuuka was assigned to where with two students, one that was great at Ninjutu and another great at Taijutsu. Yuuka was put into the squad due to her proficiency with Genjutsu to make a special formation that would be made for killing and capturing.

Genin Years

At the age of 8 Yuuka went on her very first D-Ranked Mission which was simply to heard a big group of farm animals into their barns. The chickens and pigs where easy as they could simply pick them up but the horses and cows, rams, and even a couple bulls where the challenge. Yuuka did try to help with the bigger animals but the two boys on her team excluded her thinking that she wouldn't be able to do anything due to her age. The sensei was sitting back and seeing how they would work as a team and already thought horrible of the two boys.

Yuuka than got mad from the fact that they thought she couldn't do anything. She made the Tiger Hand Seal to focus her chakra and used the gust of wind to carry her chakra to all the animals. She had casted a Genjutsu on them to make them think that food was in the barns. Surprisingly the animals responded to the Genjutsu and started to walk towards their barns, the sensei had taken notice of this but didn't say anything as the two boys thought they were doing it. When the mission was complete, Yuuka's sensei spoke to the two boys telling them that Yuuka was the one who did it and they started to respect her as a real ninja.

About five months after Yuuka's 9th birthday, her father had taken her to the basement with her mother and told them to stay, then leaving them. All Yuuka could hear where sirens and screams of terror that sounded so horrible that Yuuka had started to tear up. Her mother grasped Yuuka, bringing her closer and hugging her tightly. Yuuka could no longer hear the screaming as Yuuki was covering her ears but the next day was horrible. She peaked outside and say dead bodies all over, and saw the two boys that where in her squad lying on the ground with their throats slit so deeply that their heads where nearly going to drop and rip off from the skin that was left of their mostly burnt bodies. From this day on, Yuuka was taught and went on missions with her father and brother.

She went on quite a few D-Ranked missions with her father and Katashi. Along with that, Yuuka noticed that Katashi would get private training by Sora and somtimes noticed that Katashi's eyes where red. She didn't really ask about it but she did ask that her father would increase their training so she could get even better at her talents. So Sora went deep into the concepts of Genjutsu, something he already taught Katashi but made it harder on him than he normally would. So they both taught new things about Genjutsu which allowed Yuuka to further her ability in Genjutsu along with how to break and create them.

The Rest of Her Years

From the age of 10 to 17 Yuuka hasn't been doing much but going on higher ranking missions and training with her father and brother. She has greatly increased her Genjutsu along with her Strong Fist Style to cause more damage. She had also been taught Ninjutsu and Nature Transformation to learn the family technique, Konyubi. Yuuka hasn't yet been able to use the technique due to her lack of Nature Manipulation at the current time but is currently working a great amount on it.

She doesn't know anything about her heritage and thinks that she's a Sarutobi rather than an Uchiha. The reason her parents came up with this is because they were afraid of what would happen if people knew about being an Uchiha.


Natural Skills



Yuuka had learn the ability to negate taste. She had noticed she started to not taste her fathers terrible food pills when they were training. Yuuka liked the idea of not tasting them so she took it upon herself to learn how to negate taste all together.

When she would eat dinner she would try to negate the taste of her vegetables, even though she did like them. Within a few weeks Yuuka simply mastered this small skill that most people don't take up. She hasn't found a use for it in battle but eating her fathers horrible food pills.


It's unknown if Yuuka has selective hearing or is just plain deaf. She can hear just fine but seems to have the ability to only hear what she really wants to hear. At first her parents had thought she was going deaf at a very young age but soon figured it was just her selectively hearing. This does come into her advantage when she truly doesn't want to hear what other people are saying.

During battle this does come into play. Yuuka can selectively hear what she wants to, such as foot steps and and whispering. She can't really hear quite talking when allot of other noise is going on but when she is alone she seems to be more keen on her hearing. This does allow her to hear a single thing from a distance away if she were to stay still and truly focus, as her father had taught her.


If Yuuka is known for anything in her family it is her sight. Her parents noticed how yuuka would be able to see figures in the distance when they couldn't unless they really squinted their eyes. They had thought she was gifted the ability to see things from a distance but that isn't all correct. Yuuka is just plain observant. She will noticed the most littlest details that others don't really pay any attention to. Her parents had thought she had a disability at one time but they were still wrong.

Within battle this can and will help Yuuka track down most things. She had shown to see branches stepped on when she was deer hunting with her father. Her father had even told her that her gift was something special and should be kept safe, referring to the Sharingan that Yuuka didn't even know about.


Chakra Prowess

Yuuka's chakra is above average as most Uchiha clan members do have. Not only that but it seems to be a genetic trait to have bigger chakra reserves than most Shinobi. This is believed because not only did her father have massive reserves, but her brother was able to stand on water longer than higher ranking ninka in the village. Yuuka has shown to be able to stand on water for an entire day but gave out due to hunger and not wanting to continue.

At a young age of ten, Yuuka was able to pull off the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique. This shows that her chakra reserves where bigger than most at a young age being able to create one that was pretty decent in size. She was even able to do it once again after but it strained her body a small amount due to the chakra it took to use the technique.

She has enough chakra to even place all of Karasugakure under a Genjutsu. She had done this once with everyone's permission to make it seem like the buildings where shifting around. She had done this successfully for 5 minutes straight until she passed out of the Chakra consumption.


For a girl Yuuka does posses greater strength than most females in the village. She was able to easily overpower the women there. Its mostly due to her work on the farm and wanting to be as powerful as her brother is. Her determination is what got her strength and also stamina. Her reflexes are also good but this seems to be mostly of a genetic trait of picking up on the little details along with the bigger ones.

Yuuka can easily make a crack in a boulder with minimal damage to her hand, showing that she also has tough skin. This is stronger than most of the women in the village and even some of the male Shinobi. Her punches can easily bruise her opponent and if they are weak enough, make a crack in their bone.

Yuuka can fight close range if she so wants to, although she prefers to use Ninjutsu. During her training with her father and brother she had been able to take both on at the same time for a short period of time. During her training she had also been able to counter her fathers attacks to use his weight and strength against him. However, her brother was able to counter her counter with his Special Dojutsu, the Sharingan.

Stamina has been worked on by Yuuka without her completely knowing that she had been. When she would go out and lift weights along with push ups and other workouts she had been increasing her Stamina. She had even shown to stand on water for an entire day but fell into it from her hunger, showing that she could possibly last much longer.


Yuuka's Ninjutsu is proficient though it may be because she is an Uchiha and through all of her training. At a young age she had been able to successfully use the Great Fire Ball Technique when most 10 year old's can't pull of the technique. She was able to pull it off twice until her body was strained from the sudden chakra consumption. Though she has been able to advance her skills on Ninjutsu with the training from her Sensei and also from her father and brother.

During Yuuka's training her father had taught her a very powerful technique called, Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique. She had been able to pull it off after about a weeks worth of training and she easily create three in a row with no signs of exhaustion, although this could be an example of her stamina and chakra reserves.

Her Ninjutsu isn't as powerful as her brothers but she has been able to put more power into her Great Fireball Technique that had overpowered her partners Fireball with raw fire power. Though when against her father she has a little bit more of an advantage but they cancel each other out. Against her brother is when she has troubles, making it to a point where Katashi's fireball just engulfs her own and adds to the destructive power.

She has done fire techniques along with her brother to increase the destructive fiery power to such an extent that it was used once to completely redo the training grounds. With them both combine they can easily engulf other fire nature techniques and even evaporate some water if they so wished to. It also seems that when combine their fire release gets a more explosive property that would not only increase the heat but also make any burns worst than they normally would be.

Nature Transformation

Yuuka's Nature Transformation has gone to show to be proficient, enough to even match her Ninjutsu skill. When she had created the Great Fireball that was easy since it didn't need much transformation. Though during her training with her family members she had showed enough Nature Transformation to create a Dragon of fire. Though she does have trouble using it she has shown to use it three times back to back.

Her Nature Transformation isn't the best in the village but is up their. Some Shinobi could create fire dragons with three heads when she only had trouble making one. Her skill is around normal in Nature Transformation. Though her skill isn't great enough to use her families secret technique, Konyubi without having it backfire when used.


Genjutsu is just plain out involves genetics. During the academy she was able to pull some amazing Genjutsu. The instructors where amazed on how she could utilize a Genjutsu through movement only and have it last. But when she does Genjutsu she acts more quite about it and only changes little things to her favor but she is able to change some of the utmost biggest details.

Her brother and father had taught her on how to apply more power to her Genjutsu but to also keep it balanced so the victim doesn't break out so easily. Yuuka has also showed the ability to cast a Genjutsu over an area as though its a Barrier Ninjutsu. She had done it once where she cast a Genjutsu over the entire village with everyone's permission. She had made it seem like the buildings of the village where shifting their position. She was able to do this for a straight five minuets although she was exhausted from the chakra consumption and passed out.

Kekkei Genkai

Other Skills


Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
First 3.5 4 5 4.5 4.5 3.5 4.5 4



  • Yuuka's name is closely related to her mothers name, Yuuki.
  • Yuuka means Gentleness Flower.
  • Yuuka will be able to learn the Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change, Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes Technique, and the Susanoo Genjutsu. This was all able to happen due to Sage allowing me to have his DP.
  • Yuuka can also obtain up to the maximum Sixty Jutsu's. This was first given to Itsuki Mori but I thought that this would be a better option due to future plans I have for her. THIS WILL NOT BE CHANGED AGAIN.



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