Name Yuraga
Personal Status
Birthdate October 7th
Age 25
Gender Male
Weapons Kunai, Rope, Shuriken, Explosive Tags

Appearance Edit

Yuraga has medium length black straight hair down to his neck. His facial features are currently are unknown as he constantly wears a mask. His mask bears black eyes and a red smile with a purple lightning bolt like figure which travels downword from the right side of his mask which ends about halfway down his mask. He dons a black trench coat like suit, its tight and formfitting and he wears it with a black pair of pants. The coat splits apart around his waist and lower which ends towards his ankles. He keeps on a pair of black gloves, and wears black sandals. Underneath both of his sleeves on the bottom of his wrist he keeps a pair of wristbands with seals inscribed on them. Beneath his outfit he keeps a grey battle vest over his chest, and two arm guards which is hidden.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Infused Yokai Edit

Yama-Biko Edit

Daidarabotchi Edit

Trivia Edit

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