This article, Yin Release: Soul Bind Technique, is the property of Na'Jorne.

Yin releaseYin Release: Soul Bind Technique
Name Yin releaseYin Release: Soul Bind Technique
Rank S-Rank
Hand Seals Hare, Ram, Tiger, Ox, Dragon, Bird, Dragon, Monkey, Snake, Rat, Tiger, Horse, Rat, Ox, Boar, Horse, Tiger, Snake, Ram, Dragon, Boar, Ox, Monkey, Ram, Rat, Tiger, Horse, Bird, Hare, Rat
Type Fūinjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin releaseYin Release
Parent jutsu Shadow Betrayal Technique
User(s) Na'Jorne


This technique was created by Na'Jorne. He thought of it when Rakon Nara taught him how to use Shadow Betrayal Technique. This technique itself needs the victim to be traped within the Betrayal Technique. The user then has to do 30 Hand Signs for this technique to work. Once the technique is done the victim and users soul are binded together but the user has more control. If the victim damages there self the user will not recive any damage. If the user causes damage to them selves then the victim will also be damaged. The user can also look in the victims mind but the victim cant look into the users mind. The user can control the victim but not the other way around. This technique can also seal one of the victims stats. (Those would be Stength, Stamina, or Chakra.) But you will need to do the 30 hand signs again. The only weakness to this is if someone were to damage the user he would lose control over the victim. (The seal stays with them. But can be broken by intense training.)

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