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Yin Release: Shadow Transformation Technique]]
Name Yin Release: Shadow Transformation Technique]]
Range Self Range
Type Ninjutsu
Classification Supplementary
Chakra Nature Yin Release
Parent jutsu Phantom Clone Technique
User(s) Aoi Uchiha

This technique was created by Aoi Uchiha. After his fight with Kengo, Aoi thought of a plan to make a new technique that would divert from his Phantom Clone Technique. After using it in the fight, he experimented the technique on himself. Since he tested out the Phantom Clone Technique already, he hardly had trouble with this technique. To do this technique, Aoi basically releases the chakra used to make the phantom clone around his body, then he connected it with his whole body even his clothes and materializes himself. When he does this technique, Aoi is basically a shadow, he can phase through things, move at a very high rate of speed through the ground and air. He cannot be damaged by physical attack that don't use chakra externally, when he is hit, the area disperses and regenerates in that area. He can also have his Sharingan activated while in this technique for more elusiveness.

The bad thing is that unlike the Phantom Clone Technique, he cannot attack at all, he has to materialize back to solidity to attack. He can just materialize one part of his body to attack.

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