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Yin Release: Konyubi
Name Yin Release: Konyubi
Literal English Yin Release: Konyubi
Other Name(s) Demonic Konyubi
Rank S-Rank
Range Short to Long Range
Type Offensive, Defensive
Classification Ninjutsu, Genjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin Release Yin Release
Parent jutsu Konyubi
User(s) Itsuki Mori


Itsuki made this technique sometime after creating the normal Konyubi but wanted an effect that would be used more for interrogation. Although it has been proved that it can be used as an effect fighting technique due to the Illusion it cast upon the victim. And surprisingly enough this technique doesn't really require Genjutsu skill to wield it as the Yin chakra does it on their own.


Once the user has created the Konyubi they can flow it with Yin chakra which will make the cone into a more fiery cone that will have the color of black. It will have the same cutting and speed ability as the normal Konyubi does but when the victim were to be cut, the Yin Chakra would be released into their body.

When the Yin inserts itself into the victims body they will experience some Demonic Illusions that where created by their own sub-consciousness. Although the Yin will influence what they see and sometimes if enough is inserted, the victim will believe the Illusions are real and will cause serious brain damage. The visions they see may range from their family members being close to them when they really aren't there, to seeing demons rise from the ground and slicing you with long broadswords.

The victim will also go into a drunk like state when enough Yin Chakra in inserted into their body. They will have a hard time concentrating, walking, speaking, and even comprehend reality if it gets to that point. The victim would eventually pass out from all the illusions brain trauma that they experienced. And when they pass out, their chakra will return to normal but will experience a temporary death like state during their blackout.


  • This is the very first variant made from Konyubi.

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