Yin Release: Heaven's Time
Name Yin Release: Heaven's Time
Kanji 陰遁・天の時
Literal English Yin Release: Heaven's Time
Other Name(s) Time of Heaven (天の時, Ten no Toki)
Rank A-rank
Hand Seals Snap fingers
Range All ranges
Type Supplementary, Offensive, Defensive
Classification Genjutsu, Barrier Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin releaseYin Release
User(s) Aitenshi

Aitenshi uses his Yin chakra to completely stop the opponents in their tracks and interact without the opponents interfering.


This is a Genjutsu that can stop every opponent in a set radius determined by the user. By flowing their opponents minds with the Yin chakra formed from the barrier, it can stop their movements allowing Aitenshi to launch another jutsu at them or something similar. After the Yin has flowed into the opponents chakra flow system, they become immobilized with no way to dispell it (except for letting partners flow their chakra into them) until the end of the genjutsu.


Aitenshi begins by making Yin chakra flow into his arm, then he holds his arm out into the air and snaps his fingers, forming a giant Yin chakra barrier where everything becomes monochrome-colored and paralyzes everyone inside it using the Yin chakra that was released into the air expect for Aitenshi himself, who can freely move around; and he also remains fully-colored. Like most Genjutsu, the user can escape it by letting a partner pour chakra into you, in which case they will turn colored again, letting the user indicate if the opponent is in the Genjutsu.

After using this Genjutsu, it slowly starts to consume Yin chakra, and the user's IQ will most likely drop by 1 every time he uses it for more than 30 seconds. For this effect, Aitenshi uses one of his jutsu once activated, before disabling the barrier by snapping his fingers once more.

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