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Yin-Yang Release: Mythical Beast Reincarnation Technique
Name Yin-Yang Release: Mythical Beast Reincarnation Technique
Kanji 陰陽遁・神話獣転生の術
Literal English Yin-Yang Release: Mythological Beast Reincarnation Technique
Rank S-rank
Hand Seals Bird → Horse → Monkey → Horse → Dragon → Ram → Bird → Monkey → Boar → (Faster) Bird → Horse → Monkey → Horse → Dragon → Ram → Bird → Monkey → Boar
Type Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin–Yang ReleaseYin-Yang Release
User(s) Aitenshi

This is an S-rank technique that was created by Aitenshi using Yin-Yang Release.


This technique can summon giant mythological beasts by using up a massive amount of Yin-Yang chakra. There are lots of powerful beasts you can create through this Jutsu, but with Aitenshi's current chakra capacity, he can only create 1 beast per day. To create the beasts, Aitenshi must have a vessel for the beast. Depending on the vessel's affinity chakra nature, he can create elemental beasts based on it.


Aitenshi first forms a pattern of hand seals, then he repeats the pattern, but faster. Since Aitenshi isn't very good at hand seals, it takes some time to form all the hand seals; let alone the fact that he needs to form the hand seals faster on the second loop. After that, he places his hand on the ground, summoning the appropriate beasts. It uses up lots of Yin-Yang chakra, and Aitenshi can only use the technique by increasing his chakra using the Aqua of the Gods; it would bring him next to no chakra after using it, meaning he needs to wait for his chakra to restore; let a comrade or one of his summons give him chakra or use the Aqua of the Gods again. Though, using the Aqua both times might cause temporal heart stops or paralysis.


Each of the beasts are based on one chakra element, and all summons know at least 1 S-rank jutsu of their element; hinting that they have great strength, almost surpassing Aitenshi in power; even if he is using the Aqua of the Gods while he is at full power prior to trying to drink it.


Tri-Pegasus IE 19 HQ

The Pegasus Summon using the Chakra Shroud
Affiliation Aitenshi
Classification Creation
Mythological Beast
Nature Type(s) Nature Icon LightningLightning Release (Affinity)
Jutsu Pegasus Chakra Shroud Technique
Lightning Release: Warning of Zeus

The Pegasus is a winged divine stallion. It uses the Lightning Release element as it's main power.

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