Eight Tails With Killer Bee

This article, Yin-Yang Release: Focus Beam Technique, is the property of User:Na'Jorne.

Yin-YangYin-Yang Release: Focus Beam Technique
Name Yin-YangYin-Yang Release: Focus Beam Technique
Kanji 焦点ビーム技術
Literal English Focus Beam Technique
Rank B-Rank
Hand Seals Tiger→Horse→Snake
Range Mid to Far Range
Type Offensive
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin-YangYin-Yang Release
User(s) Akuma Tamashī


Once the user has created the necessary hand seals, the user will stick both of their hands out and form a triangle. The user will then focus into that area of their hands, which will create a yellow light of chakra in the triangle. They will then release the energy, creating a beam of light traveling at a fast pace. This technique is easily able to cut through most entities. The technique has been shown to crater an entire battlefield if unleashed at maximum power.

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