Yin-Yang Release: Divine Wisdom

God Break 1


Name Yin-Yang Release: Divine Wisdom
Kanji 陰陽遁・神の知識
Literal English Yin-Yang Release: Knowledge of a God
Rank A-rank
Type Offensive, Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin–Yang ReleaseYin-Yang Release
User(s) Aitenshi

This is a high-level move that Aitenshi created after the traumatic experience of watching as his family gets killed by a shinobi.


Aitenshi sprouts 3 pairs of wings. Then, Aitenshi uses them to ascend into the air and uses his Yin-Yang chakra to create a ball of energy. He then kicks it at their target. Depending on how much chakra Aitenshi puts in, it will determine the strength and destruction of this jutsu.

Detailed UsageEdit

Aitenshi grows wings using Yin-Yang chakra and flies up into the sky while crossing his arms to store chakra into them. He releases the energy by uncrossing his arms and storing the chakra into the ball. The ball gets charged with a bright light and the user kicks it. This attack has destructive force above Rasengan; and if it's kicked hard enough, the destruction can be increased even further; as to destroy 3 meter iron walls.

Other uses include using the wings for transportation in the air, classifying it as a supplementary jutsu.

Aqua of the Gods' InfluenceEdit

Aitenshi can use the Aqua of the Gods to intensify the destruction of the jutsu; by trying to suppress his power, he can break through a 2 meter iron wall, and at basic power of the Aqua of the Gods, he can break through a 3.5 meter-thick iron wall; while at Full Power, he can obliterate a 5 meter iron wall. Like always, the Aqua of the Gods might create side effects of temporary paralysis and the heart stopping for a brief moment if overdone.


Usually, the wings appear white with a bright glow to them, but can start glowing yellow if Aitenshi pours enough chakra into them. The mass of energy also appears in the same way.


  • This technique made Aitenshi realise that he can manipulate Yin-Yang Release.
    • Aditionally, this is first jutsu Aitenshi has ever used.

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