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Yellow Lightning
Yellow Lightning
Yellow Lightning
Name Yellow Lightning
Literal English Yellow Lightning
Rank C-A
Hand Seals Varies between the usage of techniques.
Range Mid-to-Long
Type Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai
Classification Kekkei Genkai
Chakra Nature
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release

Nature Icon Thunder Thunder Release

User(s) Haruki Jiro

"Yellow Lightning" is a special type of thunder-natured lightning that is unique to Haruki Jiro. Developed with the help of his parents, Haruki managed to merge Thunder Release chakra into regular Lightning Release lightning. Doing so imbues and merges together the energy of the thunder with the lightning in order to create a more potent form of Lightning Release. Such chakra enhancements change the color of the lightning being brought fourth. 

In Part 1, Haruki had trouble using this technique of his. Despite his talent, all of this chakra control had its drawbacks on him. Side effects included chakra deprivtion and fatigue. Usually, it took him about a day or so to completely recouperate from using this form of Jutsu. Durring the Chunin Exams, Haruki's use of Yellow Lightning became more fluent. 

In Part 2, Haruki became more prominent in his use of Yellow Lightning. Now, he can use it without all of these major drawbacks. Like every ninja, he has to worry about not over using his chakra. 

Techniques Edit

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