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Yūtai Ridatsu Branch
Name Yūtai Ridatsu Branch
Kanji 幽体離脱
Literal English Astral Projection Branch
Clan Genzai Clan


Although somewhat rare, this branch of the Sixth Sense kekkei genkai allows the user to create clone like versions of themselves of a similar nature to the Magic Lantern Body Technique that Nagato uses in order for the Akatsuki to extract a tailed beast from it's host and place it in the Gedo Statue from anywhere in the world. Unlike Nagato's technique which is speculated to have been derived from this branch, these clone like beings are not mere illusions however, their properties greatly depend on the skill of the user.

For example, a newbie just starting to learn this would only be able to create a "clone" of themselves a few feet away, this "clone" wouldn't be able to talk or move however, it would be able to see normally but they would be transparent and easily mistaken as ghosts or spirits. A more experienced user can not only create one at a farther distance from themself but have a "clone" that can move and or talk, depending on the skill of the user. These "clone" like beings when created by anyone less than a master can be mistaken as illusions or ghosts due to their transparent nature and inability to touch things though they may or may not be able to preform techniques.

When created by a master, these "clones" are not transparent at all and can pass as normal people, even being able to touch and be touched as if they were real clones. Because they do have a chakra network, those who can see or sense chakra often mistake them for clones since it is impossible usually for anyone to tell unless they attempt to kill it or enter it's mind. Many times though, these "clones" don't even know what they are so even those skilled at memory examination wouldn't be able to find their origins that way since they would have no memory of being created however, there is a small gap in their memory between the time they were created and the last memory of their creator before he or she created them.

When anyone tries to kill them, the killer finds that at first, it seems to have taken normal damage however, it's chakra system is disrupted which causes it to be destroyed, simply vanishing as if it was not there. That has reinforced the believe they ghosts since illusion immediately disappar while there is a slight delay before these "clones" are destroyed. The "clones" often have a look of pain and surprise on their face before being destroyed which illusions don't display. Also unlike Nagato's technique, these "clones" look solid enough even when transparent and have normal coloring and their bodies do no distort or flicter unless done by a complete amature though even then it is not too common. The voices of these clone like beings are normal as can be, exactly mimicating the tone of voice of their creator and any vocal habits they may have.

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