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Wind Control Technique
Name Wind Control Technique
Kanji 風制御技術
Literal English Wind Control Technique
Rank D-Rank
Range Short Range
Type Ninjutsu, Hiden
Classification Supplementary
Chakra Nature Wind Release
Derived jutsu Just about all Hoshima Clan techniques, unless told other wised.
User(s) Raiden Hoshima
Hoshima Clan

This is the very first basic technique that the Hoshima Clan teaches to their clan members, it is the basis of all their techniques just about. By using their Hiden abilities, any shift in wind, gust of wind, or as simple as a small breath can be controlled as the clan's weapon. As they gain more and more experience they can control stronger gusts of wind, for example for a clan member that is just starting out with this technique, that clan member can't control winds that are 100 mph. They need experience, and training with this technique. Also this technique can enhance other wind release techniques effectiveness.

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