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Wind Control: Wind Tsunami
Name Wind Control: Wind Tsunami
Kanji 風制御風津波
Literal English Wind Control: Wind Tsunami
Rank S-Rank
Range All Ranges
Type Ninjutsu, Hiden, Kinjutsu
Classification Offensive
Chakra Nature Wind Release
Parent jutsu Wind Control Technique
User(s) Hoshima Clan
Raiden Hoshima

Wind Control: Wind Tsunami is one of the most strongest techniques of the Hoshima Clan, this technique was labeled as Kinjutsu by the Hoshima Clan and is a ground based technique. By using Wind Control Technique, the user makes winds that are 100 mph or higher and they keep gathering wind up. Over time, the wind will cover over a large area, being hundreds of yards long. The Hoshima Clan member needs to be very skilled at the Wind Control Technique as well. Then after about 5 minutes (depending on the user) the wind should be ready, the user then makes the wind goes rushing towards his enemies, at this moment, the wind should be over 500 mph and be able to cut people. Fire Release technique hardly work because as soon as the fire ignites it is put out from the wind. The force and power is hard its self to get through, but there are some weaknesses.

One is that the users uses a ton of chakra doing this technique, and it takes good chakra control. Second is that if disrupted the user must start over again gathering the wind, third is that a very large scale earth, water, and fire release technique can defend against this technique, or reduce damage.

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