Anyone who wants this can have it.

Yang Release Scroll
Name Yang Release Scroll
Other Name(s) Yin Release Trap Scroll


The Weight Increasement Trap Scroll is a special type of scroll used primarily by Chirigakure as a means of protecting their information from enemies by dramatically increasing the weight of anyone who opens it without disarming it first, rendering them unable to move but doesn't go farther than that. This happens quickly after even the slightest tug to open it as to prevent the person from seeing what is on there and being able to communicate that to their allies and comrades. It typically only has enough chakra stored within it however to do this four times before it becomes just an ordinary scroll again though this does not release the effect on those who set it's trap off. In order to disarm it, a person must be able to pour Yang Release chakra proportional to the amount of Yin Release chakra present in the scroll however, going over immediately sets the trap and having too little when stopping will also immediately trigger the trap.

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