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Water Sabre Technique
Name Water Sabre Technique
Literal English Sabre Technique
Other Name(s) Water Release: Sabre Technique
Rank C-Rank
Range Close Range
Type Offensive
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Flow
Chakra Nature Nature Icon Water Water Release
Parent jutsu Samurai Sabre Technique
User(s) Chiyo Uzumaki


Using the same concept as Samurai Sabre Technique, the user will flow their Water Chakra through the sword. As they do, the sword will be covered in water as the Sabre Technique is covered in chakra. This technique does have some more advantages than the parent technique.

Since the sword is covered in water it can resist low fire techniques as the water can extinguish it. The sword will also rotate faster than its parent technique making it much easier to cut through flesh or other type of objects. The water will also make other metals rust must faster as they touch the water. The users sword will be protected from this effect since the chakra is flowing from it.

As the sword is covered in water, it will have a special ability when it cuts someone with the water. When the water flows into the objects body, the users water chakra will be inserted into that body. The victim won't be able to covert that chakra into their own unless they were to use a special technique to do so. The user will be able to use that water chakra as they please through means of other techniques, as they can't control it just by their minds.

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