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Water Release: Water Vine Technique
Name Water Release: Water Vine Technique
Kanji 水リリース:水バイン技術
Literal English Water Release: Water Vine Technique
Rank B-Rank
Hand Seals Technique Specific Hand Seals
Range All Ranges
Type Ninjutsu
Classification Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Chakra Nature Water Release
User(s) Aoi Uchiha

This technique was created by Aoi Uchiha, by weaving 2 hand signs, Aoi can make a vines of water come from his finger tips. He can also put his fingers together to make the water more thicker in case he needs to. The viness of water have many functions, but one of the main one is to grab and restrain people. He can make the vines wrap around a person and also detach it and the string will stay wrapped around the object unless he doesn't want it to.

Another function is that he can compress the water, making the vine shorter and make a pointy tip on the vine, and use it as a puncturing weapon. Another function is that he can make the water have sharp compressed edges, so that he can use it as a slicing weapon, it is sharp enough to slice through wood. He can do this technique with one hand seals as well.

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