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Water Release: Red Rain Technique
Name Water Release: Red Rain Technique
Kanji N/A
Literal English N/A
Other Name(s) Water Release: Blood Rain Technique, Water Style: Red Rain Technique, Water Style: Blood Rain Technique
Rank S
Hand Seals N/A
Range Close Range, Mid Range, Long Range
Type Offensive
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Water Release
Parent jutsu Ninjutsu, Water Release
Derived jutsu N/A
User(s) Dio Jyunyou Weinberg

Water Release:  Red Rain Technique is a Water Release technique used by Dio Jyunyou Weinberg of the Black Mountain Gang, often in conjunction with another of his techniques, Water Release:  Acid Rain Technique, as well as the Blood Release of another Shinobi, or Fire Release techniques of another Shinobi, since he can't actually use Fire Release himself. 


To use this technique, the practitioner must first be confronted by a lot of dead bodies which still has wet blood.  It will cause it to rain blood, which will then cause the Chakra of any enemies still alive to slowly deplete.  If no dead bodies are present then Fire Release techniques can be shot into the sky causing the same effect, or someone who uses the Blood Release can fire an attack into the sky, also causing the same effect, (both with Dio Jyunyou Weinberg's command too, obviously). 

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