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This article, Water Release: Hiding In Water Technique, is canon and uses Creative Commons licensed content from our mother site, Narutopedia's Water Release: Hiding In Water Technique article.

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Water Release: Hiding in Water Technique
Hidden in water
Name Water Release: Hiding in Water Technique
Literal English Water Release: Hiding Water Technique
Rank Unknown
Hand Seals None
Range Short Range
Type Defensive,
Classification Ninjutsu,
Chakra Nature Water Release,
User(s) Karura Ketsueki

Similar to the Earth Release: Hiding in Rock Technique, the user moulds with water to be undetected by the enemy. It was shown that this technique is usable even in water as shallow as a puddle, as seen when the Demon Brothers used it to ambush Tazuna and his bodyguards. In the anime, a member of the Nokizaru Group also employed this technique during a mission to retrieve a scroll from Kumogakure shinobi. While leaving concealment, water simply appeared on the floor and rose up, revealing the user.

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