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Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique
Name Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique
Kanji 水遁・大瀑布の術
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Literal English Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique
Rank A
Hand Seals Tiger → Ox → Monkey → Rabbit → Ram → Boar → Ox → Horse → Monkey → Tiger → Dog → Tiger → Snake → Tiger → Ox → Monkey → Rabbit → Bird
Range Mid to Long Range
Type Offensive
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Nature Icon Water Water Release
User(s) Moyashi Shio
Yakedo Shio

This technique extends water over a large scale, surges and rises up to several dozen meters high. Then it streams down to the ground in one big cascade, much like a gigantic waterfall. In doing so, it resembles a huge wave, with tremendous power that can hollow out the ground. What remains after that technique's utilization is reminiscent of no less than the aftermath of a natural disaster. This is a considerably advanced ninjutsu, and activating this technique requires a fair amount of chakra.