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Nature Icon Water Water Release: Earth To Water Conversion Technique
Name Nature Icon Water Water Release: Earth To Water Conversion Technique
Rank C+
Hand Seals None
Range All
Type Supplimental
Classification Ninjutsu & Chakra Flow
Chakra Nature Nature Icon Water Water Release
Parent jutsu None
Derived jutsu Nature Icon Water Water Release: Water God Technique
User(s) Samuha

Slapping your hands to the ground, the user releases their chakra into the ground and converts the molecules into water molecules for use with other Water Release techniques as well as Lightning Release techniques.

Since the user's skill and chakra reserves are the main factors of the performance of this jutsu, how far down the earth can be converted and far away from the user the land be converted is dictated by the user's own limits.

This jutsu is normally used to allow use of other water release techniques or to make lightning release more effective however, it has endless uses.

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