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Nature Icon Water Water Release: Coral Mine
Name Nature Icon Water Water Release: Coral Mine
Rank C+
Range N/A
Type Supplemental
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Nature Icon Water Water Release
User(s) Kenshin


This technique creates coral purely from chakra for a specific type of body of water such as fresh water or salt water which act like a bomb, becoming active once it hits the water and detonates, sending coral spikes and splinters in every direction when it comes into contact at a range of about twenty meters with an unfamiliar chakra, sending them flying at about sixty miles an hour. However, if these mines come into contact with water that has been poisoned or is the opposite type e.g salt when it's a fresh water mine then the mine will not activate and die, reverting into water chakra. That is however only one way to create the mine, the other is to create it from a body of water with your chakra in it already, causing it to immediately be active and recognize the other chakras within the water to be friendly, whether they are or not. Additionally, the mines will not go off when someone is passing over it because the chakra used with the walking on water technique is quickly dispersed and the mine is not able to detect enough of it to set it off however, a person standing over it will set it off because then it'll be able to detect enough of the chakra to realize it isn't a friendly chakra signature.

The fragments of the mine will eventually start breaking down and when it breaks down while lodged within someone, the blood flow will accelerate the process, creating much smaller fragments of the coral within the body which scrapes the insides of the person as it moves with the blood before it fully breaks down and acts like a poison. While inherently it only recognizes the chakra of it's creator, it can also be made to recognize the chakra of other shinobi by having the other shinobi pour a bit of their chakra into it before putting it into the water while it is being kept from detonating by the creator. It is highly recommended that this be done with clones such as a Shadow Clones or Water Clones by those learning how to have the mine recognize their teammates' chakra as it will go off many times before the shinobi gets it down however, this is an advanced method of using the technique and shouldn't be attempted by novices, especially not supervised or death is likely. 

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