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Water Canon Technique
Name Water Canon Technique
Other Name(s) Puppetry Art: Water Canon Technique
Rank B
Hand Seals None
Range Long
Type Offensive
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Nature Icon Water Water Release
Parent jutsu None


Having already equipted their puppet with a slot and object such as hose for shooting out water, the the puppeteer feeds water chakra to the puppet through the Chakra Threads and to hose where it forms into water.

Then, the user either shoots it out at the opponent through means of a mechanism in the puppet or by use of chakra, launching it at roughly seventy miles per hour (though experienced users can go faster) and drench the user in his or her chakra.

Enemies drenched by this water will find that it doesn't evaporate due to heat unless it is much, much higher than a person's normal body heat such as the body heat of an Inferno clone of the Inferno Clone Technique.

As long as the person remains covered in the chakra water, they will move much slower than normal due to the extra weight brought on by the technique.

Finally, it also completely rusts all metals it comes into contact with regardless of the type until it is no longer usable. However, this technique can't go further than twenty feet under ninty miles per hour, increasing to a good eight feet for every twenty miles per hour it increases but increasing power takes more chakra than normal.

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