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Tobirama Senju

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Vampyric Seal
Name Vampyric Seal
Rank S
Hand Seals Unknown except to it's creator
Range All
Type Supplemental
Classification Fuinjutsu & kinjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin-Yang Release
Parent jutsu Life Leech Technique
User(s) Kumiko Kurosawa


A powerful curse mark that was invented not long before the Fourth Great Shinobi War which is based off of Orochimaru's curse mark and takes the form of a bat which despite public belief, was the symbol of the Mistress of Death's clan. Contrary to Orochimaru's curse mark, it cannot be controlled by anyone other than the one that placed it but also activates when chakra is used, stealing a year of the victim's life and transferring it to the Mistress of Death regardless of the distence between them though it doesn't age the victim. This happens until the person dies because they have no years of life left at which point, the Mistress of Death can sacrifice some of her life force to revive the victim halfway, becoming a vampire that feeds on the life of others, transferring most of the life force taken to the Mistress of Death while keeping it alive just enough to feed again. 

Developments Since It's Use In RoleplayingEdit

Coming soon.


  • Despite the fact that this technique is all about feeding on the life force of others, it does not ever give use of Kekkei Genkai 
  • Only it's creator knows how the seal is placed and how to remove it.

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