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Vampyric Seal
Name Vampyric Seal
Rank S
Hand Seals Unknown except to it's creator
Range All
Type Supplemental
Classification Fuinjutsu & kinjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin-Yang Release
Parent jutsu Life Leech Technique
User(s) Kumiko Kurosawa


Created two hundred years ago by Kumiko Kurosawa, the Vampyric Seal creates a curse mark called the Thrall curse mark by touching the victim with two of her fingers, leaving behind two bruises at each spot touched. Once placed, the Thrall curse mark gradually drains the victim of their life force at a rate of seven hours for every hour that goes by for exactly one week of your lifespan stolen every twenty four hours.goes by and sends it through time-space back to Kumiko to increase her lifespan. In return however, this technique grants the victim access to the knowledge of how to use the Leech Life technique works so that the victim has a chance to save themselves from dying prematurely and even add time to their life. If a victim uses the Leech Life technique, the marks will change into invisible fangs which ends their lifespan being drained and allows for them to identify other carriers as long as the user doesn't resist losing a tenth of the life force they harvested to Kumiko and continues to regularly drain people's lifeforce. Once a person with a Thrall curse mark dies, all their remaining lifeforce is drained before it can disappear however, when a person with a Fangs mark dies, they can be resurrected as undead, retaining their consciousness and souls provided Kumiko gives up a some of her lifeforce or she can resurrect them as mindless undead under her direct control.

Developments Through RoleplayingEdit



  • Despite the fact that this technique is all about feeding on the life force of others, it does not ever give use of Kekkei Genkai 
  • Only it's creator knows how the seal is placed and how to remove it.

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