Alright, testing, testing. Hello thank you, it is me, ZackTheRaikage. I am here today to talk about this wikia's, well, gloomsy attitude. We have to get more people on! I know a lot of people would agree with me, and with all these people gone, it's weird ya know! I have been on here for a while, but not long enough. I'm here to become the Raikage. Naruto Fanon, the most popular Fanon of Naruto wikia is beating us. We cannot allow this to happen. I get more distracted on there, when I should devote my time here. So, here is my statement. We need to get our administration in check. Bored and Sage of Despair, You two can act as the Raikage and make videos of this wikia. I currently cannot because of certain reasons. I myself can get other people on through my own means. Others, if you have a youtube account, then make videos if you can. IF you cannot, then that's fine, just try to get people on. I have tried to get old administration too! No, they deny the fact that this is a clam and civil wiki. Bored and I have been trying to get techniques down. We have tried to be civil about making the right choices on jutsu and characters. This shall be all for me, but, try your hardest people!

  • ISavage would nominate me for Hoshikage (Moderator)