Konichiwa - good morning and good afternoon,

You've all left the Fanon for a reason. Sadly enough even the Fanon is slowly thinning out for perhaps the same exact reason as your own. Today I've talked with Ten, our Head-admin, about Fanon matters regarding the bannings, admins and so-what - I might talk with him about more about the Fanon matters but whatsoever.

Regarding the issue of a certain Admin: You can scream it all out in the chat of the Fanon when a certain amount of you and us are gathered together. This includes Ten, he will listen to our opinions and facts, which he will take in to handle the problems out.

Regarding the bannings: This is especially directed to Boredfan1, Ten will look into it, shorten the span or even lift it up.

Regarding the Dojutsu: The ban has been lifted by the man himself.

But there might come a "policy" that will allow the community to review the newly made dojutsus. If the creator doesn't change the facts or it is redeemed by the community as useless, don't take it too hard yet, it will be deleted. This is NOT official yet but it may happen.

Other than that... I hope you will pop up later today on the Fanon to work this out. Because the Fanon and especially us (Ten and I) wish to see your return on the Fanon. But first of all discuss out the current problems that have caused the split up.

With much love and regards,


PS: Message Ten on his wall if you guys are ready. I might be gone at the time you're discussing this due going out this evening, because of time differences we have. But I should be online around 12.30 am - 1 am 1GMT+.

Update 28-07: Due to the lack of members for the discussion the date has been moved to Monday at the same time.

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