Hello! This is NJ here bring a, somewhat, big news update!

I and User:Boredfan1 have decided to create a FanFiction on the wiki. The FanFic is called The Journey For Power. You can read more about it with on that page!

Now it's time to get to the News. Me and Fan are creating a end villian for the Fanfic, this character would be Yuu Dengen and we might need some help with him. We don't want you editing him or anything rather, we want suggestions which can be put on this blog as a comment. We need to make him powerful but not so powerful where none of the main characters can defeat him and we have made a list of official things he has or will soon have but, we also made a list of things that has been suggested to be used and needs approving and a list of things we have completely vetoed.

The list is subject to change often because both of us are usually on and will work on this constantly so either one of us will update the list.

Here are those lists:

Official List

  1. Yuu will have Wind Release
  2. Yuu will also have Yin Release
  3. Yuu will have the Kekkei Genkai of Sound Release
  4. He will have the Shigan.


None At The Moment. But, We Still Want Your Ideas!

The Not Wanted List

  1. Rinnegan - Madara has this and we don't want to copy the Main Series of Naruto.
  2. Senjutsu - This would overpower Sound Release and would mean that he could us the Summoning Technique. REMEMBER, we want to be able to kill Yuu but, still have a challenge with him.
  3. Jinchūriki - It would be confusing and would make his overpower. He would be able to control the Tailed Beast.
  4. Sharingan - We have decided to go with Shigan.