As you all know the Chūnin Exams are taking place right?

User blog:TrueShinobi/The Chunin Exams <--- you can apply here if you are interested to participate.

Hello fellow fanon editors, It is I, Omega Dragon, the man of awesomeness (even awesome thinks that I am awesome).

This blog post is a guide to explain the process of Phase 1 of the Chunin Exams, aka the Written Exams. The written exam will be proctored by our beloved Kazekage-san (for fan girls!) and his two siblings Temari and Kankuro.


  • The objective is to successfully answer all ten questions of this portion of the exam.

Rules and Violations

  • Participating Genin will have one hour to answer all ten questions. A Genin that receives a failing grade, either by answering incorrectly or by leaving blank answers, will be disqualified.
  • Any Genin that are caught cheating, will be disqualified.
  • Any Genin that fails to answer question number ten, will be disqualified.

Posting Guidelines

I (Omega Dragonite) will post three questions on a certain date, and an additional three questions every two days afterward. You have 48 hours to answer the three questions. Some of the questions will be very hard, some will be easy. If you don't know the answers to a question, you are free to do independent research to learn the answer yourself... alternatively, cheating is an option. Remember that cheating itself isn't against the rules, getting caught cheating is. I encourage you to be creative and descriptive in your posts. A substandard attempt at cheating will fail. A substandard answer, will also fail. 3 questions and 2 days, sounds good? well we will do this until we get to 9 questions and the 10th question will be allotted separately. However, you will have only 12 hours to answer the 10th question. Danke.

Closing Words

The Chunin exams will be extremely difficult for some of you but remember, no pain no gain.

With that being said, good luck to everybody in their attempt to apply for the exams and I hope for True, that he receives plenty of applications from everybody soon! So best of luck people! -- 'The White Dragon(Feel My Wrath)

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