To all the members of Naruto-Fanon Central Wiki,

I have come to you today with one message, which I will be giving it now.

The state of our union is certainly better than that of other new wiki's around.

But we need to improve, believe we really, really need to. I like you guys, all of you. In spite of having less users to contribute this wikia is flourishing very well and you all have gained my confidence that we can surely surpass other wikia's, I am happy that I can work with people like you, who are - decent, kind, and friendly to each other. That is the sign of a community with some real maturity in it.

I am also very happy that finally we are no longer copying articles from Naruto pedia without giving their hard work any credit. I also accept the fact that our mother wikia unlike the Naruto fanon, gives Narutopedia credit for their diligent and hard work.

However, at the same time most of us need to improve the quality of their writing and their grammar which obviously includes me as well. But then we have our own Grammar Nazi here, who will be always watching our back. Then, as for content I must say this to all who are new, Sharingan isn't the only ability out there. Nor is Rinnegan, Wood Release, Sage Mode, Rasengan, or Chidori. I know you might think look who's talking, but I am damn serious about it we really need to give it a thinking, we need to be creative.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated here, nor will be sockpuppetry and vandalism. I can see a light of hope, thanks to you guys and its my firm believe that we all can build a truly awesome wikia together. This is something I or the administration can no longer sugar coat, we have to work together, we have to work creative and we must help each other to turn this place into one of the most wonderful places (not that it isn't) but of course its just me speaking.

We must do better and try harder.

Comments are welcome. Come on guys. Show me what you've got and make this wiki as good as I know it can be.

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