Good, I'm glad to see you've arrived. *adjusts tie*

Hello everyone, to all who know and don't know me, I am OmegaDragonite formerly known as Zerefblack1. You can call me Z, Zef, Omega, OD, Dragon, etc. Yes, indeed I am the infamous admin. Actually Kazekage precisely. "Oh, hey Sage! How'z you?"

"Hey grammar hound how you doing?" "Heya Chaos-San nice to see you!"

"Noriiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! girl I missed you so much!!"

"Hey Sigma!"

Anyways apart from greeting, I have a serious issue which I would to discuss with all of you.

True asked us to ban anyone from fanon who imports their character, I am not against it but I want your opinions on it. But the real issue is this, I will say it once so make sure you pay attention. " We will not tolerate trolls, sockpuppets and vandalizers".

So we will issue a ban on sight if we ever come across a troll or a sockpuppet or someone random guy vandalizing our articles we will ban him and from ban I mean a permanent ban.

"We haven't come across any sock-puppet, now have we?" looks at Sigma.

Some business now? okay so umm.... yeah this one is for every admin around, when you find some article which you think is in appropriate you can inform Me or the Sage, as we will be the people who will decide the ultimate fate of an article.

Please do not misuse your powers for fun like rollbacking, it's quite powerful you know. And so is banning, so before banning someone please let another admin know that you banned this particular guy for this reason.

That's all I have to say.

I know my blogs aren't as cool as the one's made by True or Kaitan but hey that's just me right?

Thank you!

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