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  • I am Attack Helicopter
  • OmegaDragonite

    Alright people, I am Omega; the Kazekage of this wikia. I bring to you an interesting theory which might be a fallacy after all.

    So, what is explosion Release?

    I know you would say, its that release Deidara used to make things explode. Well its not wrong but I am not looking for that answer.

    I'll give you an example of Kishi's failure, he hints towards the fact that Explosion Release is Fire + Lightning Fire + lightning = unstable orange energy with intense heat and sparks around it. Now the question arises, then how does Deidara use it through his clay, which is earth natured? Earth is weak against Lightning and that much is true. So, how can it hold that? and no matter how unstable an energy is you must agitate it in order to activate its …

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  • OmegaDragonite

    As you all know the Chūnin Exams are taking place right?

    User blog:TrueShinobi/The Chunin Exams

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  • OmegaDragonite

    Good, I'm glad to see you've arrived. *adjusts tie*

    Hello everyone, to all who know and don't know me, I am OmegaDragonite formerly known as Zerefblack1. You can call me Z, Zef, Omega, OD, Dragon, etc. Yes, indeed I am the infamous admin. Actually Kazekage precisely. "Oh, hey Sage! How'z you?"

    "Hey grammar hound how you doing?" "Heya Chaos-San nice to see you!"

    "Noriiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! girl I missed you so much!!"

    "Hey Sigma!"

    Anyways apart from greeting, I have a serious issue which I would to discuss with all of you.

    True asked us to ban anyone from fanon who imports their character, I am not against it but I want your opinions on it. But the real issue is this, I will say it once so make sure you pay attention. " We will not tolerate trolls,…

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  • OmegaDragonite

    To all the members of Naruto-Fanon Central Wiki,

    I have come to you today with one message, which I will be giving it now.

    The state of our union is certainly better than that of other new wiki's around.

    But we need to improve, believe we really, really need to. I like you guys, all of you. In spite of having less users to contribute this wikia is flourishing very well and you all have gained my confidence that we can surely surpass other wikia's, I am happy that I can work with people like you, who are - decent, kind, and friendly to each other. That is the sign of a community with some real maturity in it.

    I am also very happy that finally we are no longer copying articles from Naruto pedia without giving their hard work any credit. I also a…

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