Guten Tag, people! It's your friendly neighbourhood rollbacker, Nori-sushi-chan a.k.a Nori

What is my roll?

As rollbacker, I will patrol posts and fix anything that I and the kage's deem appropriate for fixing. I also rollback inappropiate content. I also help our revered kages.

How did I get here?

Back a few months ago, I discovered Bleach Fanfiction Wiki. After being there a month or two, I discovered Naruto Fanon Wiki. I procrastinated and went back to Instagram until my iPod was removed. I return to NF to find two of my releases deleted by (anonymous) without a good enough reason. Zeref and True approached me on chat and here I am.

How long will I be on?

Not long. With exams approaching, my fun time is more limited as my mum is forcing me to study. I go to highschool and I don't like it.


Anyway, I have nothing else to write so I will end it now. If anyone needs help, please approach me on my message wall or talk to me on chat.


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