Your resident Pokemon addict has returned!

I'm replaying a game of FireRed, as in my last game, the save type was incorrect, so the game would crash every time I beat the Elite Four, and I couldn't visit the Sevii Islands or Cerulean Cave.

Admittedly, I beat the elite four six times with the same team from the last save point, but still. I digress.

I have just beaten Giovanni, and am attempting to choose a team to take me through Victory Road and the Elite Four. Most of my strong pokemon are 35-45 at this point, and I expect them to level up several times during the trip. However, I have quite a few more than six at this point.


Level 39+ Pokemon. My current team is arrayed along the bottom.

Level 46 Charizard.
Level 47 Raichu. (Flash)
Level 42 Dewgong.
Level 46 Lapras. (Surf)
Level 42 Snorlax. (Strength)
Level 39 Primeape.
Level 46 Dragonair. (Surf)
Level 39 Dugtrio. (Cut, Dig)
Level 48 Machoke.
Level 46 Machoke.
Level 44 Machoke.
Level 44 Arbok.
Level 44 Marowak.
Level 42 Primeape.
Level 44 Golbat.

As of Octobear 11th, 7:29 PM, I also have Articuno and Moltres.

Help? (p.s. received Dewgong in a trade, gets boosted XP) (p.p.s. been using a level 34 pidgeotto to fly me around, it's not in the picture)


Level 30-36.

Also, the Snorlax is sucking after my first attempt, where I beat Lorelei but lost to Bruno. So replacement ideas?

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