Deciding to write down what's happening, as we've had some very interesting discussions recently.

I'm attempting to choose a sixth for Hoenn's Elite Four.

Current Team: Level 48 Swampert. Water/Ground, Torrent. Surf, Waterfall, Mud-Slap, Muddy Water.
Level 45 Swellow. Flying, Guts. Fly, Peck, Wing Attack, Aerial Ace.
Level 43 Graveler. Rock/Ground, Rock Head. Magnitude, Rollout, Rock Smash, Strength. 
Level 43 Aggron. Rock/Steel, Sturdy. Take Down, Rock Tomb, Iron Tail, Protect.
Level 44 Manectric. Electric, Static. Spark, Shock Wave, Thunderbolt, Bite  Thunder.
Level 42 Tropius. Grass/Flying, Chlorophyll. Sunny Day, SolarBeam, Body Slam, Magical Leaf.

My options for the sixth Pokemon were:

A level 40 Lairon. Steel/Rock, Sturdy. Roar, Take Down, Iron Tail, Protect.
A level 40 Hariyama. Fighting, Thick Fat. Whirlwind, Knock Off, Smellingsalt, Belly Drum.
A level 40 Loudred. Normal, Soundproof. Howl, Supersonic, Stomp, Screech.
A level 40 Tentacruel. Water/Poison, Liquid Ooze. Cut, Acid, Bubblebeam, Dive.
Level 43 Graveler. Rock/Ground, Rock Head. Magnitude, Rollout, Rock Smash, Strength.

A level 37 Solrock. Rock/Psychic, Levitate. Fire Spin, Psywave, Cosmic Power, Rock Slide.
A level 37 Gyarados. Water/Flying, Intimidate. Bite, Dragon Rage, Leer, Twister.

A level 28 Spheal 33 Sealeo. Ice/Water, Thick Fat. Hail, Ice Ball, Body Slam, Aurora Beam.
A level 28 Torkoal. Fire, White Smoke. Smokescreen, Fire Spin, Body Slam, Protect.
A level 29 Vulpix. Fire, Flash Fire. Will-O-Wisp, Confuse Ray, Imprison, Flamethrower.
A level 30 Swablu. Normal/Flying, Natural Cure. Peck, Secret Power, Astonish, Sing.


5:19 PM Pacific Time. Spheal evolves at level 32 into Sealeo. Training in Meteor Falls.
5:26 PM. Sealeo grows to level 33.
5:34 PM. Captured level 37 Solrock, level 29 Barboach.
5:43 PM. Manectric grows to level 45, learns Thunder.
6:00 PM. Tropius grows to level 43.
6:33 PM. Lairon grows to level 41.
6:39 PM. Swellow grows to level 46.
6:43 PM. Caught level 30 Bagon.
7:09 PM. Lairon grows to level 42, evolves into Aggron.
7:42 PM. Barboach grows to level 30, evolves into Whiscash. Is immediately tossed back into box.
7:50 PM. Chose Aggron, discarded Graveler. New slot open.
8:13 PM. Aggron grows to level 43.
8:32 PM. Swablu grows to level 31.
8:42 PM. Caught a level 37 Gyarados.
8:38 AM. Gyarados grows to level 38.
8:55 AM. Mounting another Elite Four challenge.
8:56 PM. Gyarados grows to level 39.
8:57 AM. Defeated Elite Four Sidney.
9:02 AM. Aggron grows to level 44.
9:03 AM. Defeated Elite Four Phoebe.
9:07 AM. Gyarados grows to 40, Manectric to 46.
9:11 AM. Defeated Elite Four Glacia.
12:10 PM Defeated Elite Four Drake, Gyarados grows to level 44.
12:12 PM. Manectric grows to level 47.
2:12 PM. Swellow grows to level 47, defeated Champion Wallace.

Please leave your thoughts on who gets to be sixth!

Note: I am perfectly willing to switch out Swellow for an Altaria.

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