Hello once more Naruto Fanon Central! Mizukage here with your second newsletter.

Last poll was on the subject of Advanced Natures... and we have a surprise win from the Explosion Release, polling over half of our votes! Personally, I'm rather surprised. It's not nearly as versatile as the Ice Release, Wood Release, Magnet Release... hell, even the Lava Release or Storm Release. Explosion Release just... makes things explode... >_<

And for our new poll, we ask the fanon's favorite members of the Konoha Twelve!

Our resident happy-go-lucky jinchuuriki Uzumaki Naruto?

The pink-haired medic Haruno Sakura?

The brooding emo Uchiha Sasuke?

Fleaboy Kiba and Akamaru?

Shy Hinata?

Mysterious Shino? (I swear, one of these days he's just going to take off his glasses and have the Rinnegan or something. Suspicious little fucker.)

Hot and shallow Yamanaka Ino?

Lazy genius Nara Shikamaru?

Chubby Chouji?

The genius emo Hyuuga Neji?

The taijutsu specialist Rock Lee, the genius of hard work?

Or whatever her name was. The one who looks like a panda and has lots of pointy things. Tenten! That's what her name was! Yeah. Her.

Mizukage out.