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Our first poll was on the subject of Dōjutsu. The options here were the Sharingan, the Mangekyō Sharingan, the Rinnegan, the Byakugan, and Ranmaru's Minor Dōjutsu.

However, we have a three-way tie for first place! The Mangekyō Sharingan and the Rinnegan, as expected, are two of the winners, due to their godlike powers and easy route to strength. Surprisingly enough, they were matched by Ranmaru's Kekkei Genkai, a minor dōjutsu only existing in the anime! Does this eye's power of insight rivaling the Byakugan entrance you, or perhaps its powerful genjutsu ability? Tell me more!

New Poll

Here, I ask what is the fanon's favorite advanced nature?

The overpowered fire of Blaze Release?

The laser bolts of Storm Release?

The precision and mirrors of Ice Release?

The acid mists of Boil Release?

The trees of Wood Release?

The molten rock, quicklime, and rubber of Lava Release?

The desiccation of Scorch Release?

The indirect fields of Magnet Release?

Or the total destruction of Explosion Release?

Answer on the main page.


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