Sup its Me User:iSavage the Tsuchikage, so what I may start doing is bringing reviews of new chapters of naruto, one thing we don't do in chat is talk about new chapters and we are a Naruto Wiki.... So I will be bringing reviews when the chapters come out either the day after or the day of depending on my circumstances.

(This is my opinion so if its something said that you don't like then don't even say anything about it. Also i will be cursing so yeah.....)

So first off if you haven't read the chapter, don't read this.

Now in chapter 664 there was some things I liked and didn't liked and one in particular thing I loved.

The first thing was the mystery man or woman that has appeared near Sasuke, so in 663 I think they ended it with the mystery person standing there, this chapter I was expecting them to reveal this person. But they didn't and its ok, makes me anxious for the next one, but who could this person be? Me personally I think it will be someone totally new and not a older character. I've heard that it may be Kabuto, Izuna, Jairya(ain't how you spell his name I know), and some other people. But I think it will be someone new, maybe someone who was with Madara at one time or something. Also in like the 3rd or 4th page, Jugo was talking about that Orochimaru old bitch ass may steal Sasuke's body, do you think thats possibly what will happen? Or will Karin say no bitch and choke the hell out of Orochimaru and do some other shit like stab him with her chains and choke him with them? I personally want to see Karin beat the living shit out of Orochimaru if he does that, but other than that Orochimaru needs to die and I hope he doesn't steal Sasuke's body.

Next thing is the thing with Guy, Tenten, and Lee. I liked the comedy in this part, I think it was needed in this time of Madara-rapage. I like how Guy is like lets go fuck shit up and he is about to fall out lol, but one thing that I thought wasn't right was the thing with Tenten saying Neji why did you leave me with these idiots. Ok, Neji probably just died in the naruto world not even a day ago and she already saying "why did you leave me with them." DAFAQ??? Anyway, then Madara felt something heavy on his chest and spit out the Tools that the Sage had and that they used to seal Kinkaku and Genkaku. And it happened to fall straight on Guy and Lee. (Dem Faces) Then Tenten figures out what they were and now I think that Tenten will come and save the day. WOOOT!! for Tenten.

Then here comes my favorite parts of the chapter especially one part. But Kakashi and Minato are still fighting with Obito/Black Zetsu. Apparently Obito/Black Zetsu is beating they ass if Kakashi and Minato haven't beaten him yet. Then Kurama tells Minato to switch his sensory and Naruto, Gaara, and Sakura come in and they tell Minato and Kakashi what has happened to Naruto. Kakashi and Gaara go off to fight Zetsu/Obito and at this point Obito isn't in there its just Zetsu because Kakashi and Minato couldn't sense Obito's conscious. I really didn't care too much for the flash back with Kushina but anyway, this was my favorite part of the chapter, this part made me realize who my favorite character was.

So there was some more talking and then Minato was about to put the Yin half of Kurama in Naruto................................................................................................................................Then Zetsu comes in and says BITCH PLEASE, Hell no, nope not today, Negro Please, Fuck dat, gemmi you shits negro, Sharkisha nooooooooooooo, and just gets right in between Minato sealing Kurama in Naruto and seals it in Zetsu. At this point Zetsu is my favorite character just because of that Bitch please moment. Then Madara powerful ass came in and it left of there.


665 Predictions

So my predictions for 665 is that the Mystery person with be revealed, I wrong for this but if nothing happens, Sasuke and Naruto will die. Madara will get the other half of the Nine-Tails sealed inside him and be just freakin shit on everyone. It would be like Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta vs freakin Nappa. I hope Madara gets the other half of Kurama, I think it will be better to show how everyone will deal with him, and also maybe Madara's plan will follow through who knows. Also if Madara fights where Minato, Kakashi, Zetsu/Obito, Gaara, and Naruto is, Sakura will be the first one to die just sayin. So what do yall think.