• ISavage

    Naruto Chapter 664

    February 13, 2014 by ISavage

    Sup its Me User:iSavage the Tsuchikage, so what I may start doing is bringing reviews of new chapters of naruto, one thing we don't do in chat is talk about new chapters and we are a Naruto Wiki.... So I will be bringing reviews when the chapters come out either the day after or the day of depending on my circumstances.

    (This is my opinion so if its something said that you don't like then don't even say anything about it. Also i will be cursing so yeah.....)

    So first off if you haven't read the chapter, don't read this.

    Now in chapter 664 there was some things I liked and didn't liked and one in particular thing I loved.

    The first thing was the mystery man or woman that has appeared near Sasuke, so in 663 I think they ended it with the mystery…

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  • ISavage

    An Idea for an Arc

    January 2, 2014 by ISavage

    Hi, this is User:iSavage with a idea.......

    So the idea is an arc, the arc would be called: A New Dawn, The Rise of Shinobis' Arc

    This arc would consist of mainly genin or academy students with a few jonin and chunin here and there mainly sensei, or parents, mentors, etc. Anyway it so what you have to do to participate in this arc is to use a pre-existing genin or academy student or make a genin and we basically build them up. We tell about their background, parents, struggles etc. We can make fanfics with our selves, or rp with another user. We can ensue in battle, for example between one team and another including the jonin sensei, or a genin team vs a jonin. Then if we want, we don't even have to have fighting, we can have rps where their…

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  • ISavage

    HIi, I am User:ISavage the Tsuchikage of this wiki and I come to you with a blog about some of the ideas I had. These Kekkei Genkai's or Tota's will be for my Tsuchikage and his or her guards.

    So first, Sand Release, so the Sand Release I was thinking of was that it combines Wind Release, and Earth Release to make, manipulate, and control sand and i really like it. Now you may say that well Garaa has and and all that stuff well, I know, its just that I want to make my own thing to it, it would be very similar but a little better than Garaa's sand.

    Mud Release would be a Kekkei Genkai that combines Water Release and Earth Release to make, well, Mud. It would be like a stronger Earth Release, the user can make their body into mud, the user cou…

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  • ISavage

    The 12 Spirit Stones

    July 25, 2013 by ISavage

    Hello people, this is iSavage bringing you one of my crazy ideas. If this Idea comes to past you probably have to ask me to use it so yea....

    Ok so this is just a little of my idea,  there are 12 stones that have hidden power in them. Well the hidden power comes from the spirits of people in side the stones. Well you may ask how the hell can spirits get into stones, Ok, The Uzumaki clan sealed these spirits in these stones because they were too powerful to be let free. These spirits were once people that hated and despised a lot of things. So they are bad, anyway, the spirits were once real people, so when they died, their spirits ran free. And then the Uzumaki clan came along and sealed they behinds up in stones. There are about 12 stones,…

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