Hi to all it is I EmperorSigma with my wonderful first blog post. This blog's title says what I'll be talking about pretty much, but if you don't know i'll explain it to you. This blog is about upcoming scheduled events (or at least im thinking about). As you all should know our beloved Sage (User:TrueShinobi) has elected me ES the Raikage, therefore my role is to be incharge of site wide events. If you think of hosting a site wide event then it would have to be approved by me. I am actually gonna be very nice about though. I got off track guys sorry. Anywho these are the list of upcoming events im thinking of holding .

1st) Chunin Exams

2nd) Shin Games : In these games (lit. Friend Games) you and 2 friends get to pit your characters against each other last team standing wins.

3rd) TBA

Sorry guys I couldn't think of many, but I hope this is enough for now.

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