• EmperorSigma

    Well hello Emperor Sigma here and i've finally created the Uchiha application. It only consists of 4 things you really need to have when you post this Application on my wall. The way you will do it is. On the subject line when writeing on my wall is should say Uchiha Application and in the message part it should say "Hello I am (insert name here), and this is my application for my Uchiha I wish to make." The questions are below good luck.

    A.) What is his/her name?

    B.) Where is he/she residing (whhat land does him/her live in).

    C.) What are his/her chakra natures? How did he/she find out?

    D.) Where has he/she been hiding all this time. Where did he/her come from, how has this person been hiding.

    E.) What is the reason, you really want this Uchiha.

    F.) W…

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  • EmperorSigma

    Hi to all it is I EmperorSigma with my wonderful first blog post. This blog's title says what I'll be talking about pretty much, but if you don't know i'll explain it to you. This blog is about upcoming scheduled events (or at least im thinking about). As you all should know our beloved Sage (User:TrueShinobi) has elected me ES the Raikage, therefore my role is to be incharge of site wide events. If you think of hosting a site wide event then it would have to be approved by me. I am actually gonna be very nice about though. I got off track guys sorry. Anywho these are the list of upcoming events im thinking of holding .

    1st) Chunin Exams

    2nd) Shin Games : In these games (lit. Friend Games) you and 2 friends get to pit your characters against each…

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