It has come to my attention that there are others besides myself who will propose new variations of Sage Mode and while I do approve, I am very reluctant to handle them as at this time, the quality of applications are not the best, I must admit my own failure with applications though not in getting approved but providing the appropiate detail for them.

Because of this, I have created this blog to list the rules and guidelines for applying a new variation and here will be listed the form needed for said applications. This blog will also be used for developing the rules and guidelines of the variations applications.

Rules & Guidelines

  1.  ALL new variations MUST be based after an animal, that is how the original two were and that is how it should be, there is absolutely NO exceptions to this rule ever.
  2. Each of the tailed beasts use a version of Sage Mode though we know not what it is however, that means there can be no Kurama Sage Mode but that doesn't mean you can't create a Fox Sage Mode.
  3. The Sage's name should be in Romanji, English spelling of Japanese words though you don't have to provide the Kanji but it would improve your chances of being approved. You should also provide the meaning of the Romanji names if you can but if you can't then it is fine. An example would be Sora which means Sky.
  4. Like the sage's name, the name of his home area should be in Romanji and again you don't need to provide the Kanji if you can't. An example of what I mean is Mount Myoboku.
  5. To keep things balanced, your sage's home must be in a different country than one that already exists as it could otherwise upset the balance of power.
  6. While it is not necessary to do, a premade character eligable for Sage Mode (while you are) can be used as the first sage of the variation, he or she can with my permission of course teach it to others. Just like for the normal Sage Mode application, creation of a character just for this will not be allowed, see the Sage Mode policy for more detail.
  7. You must create and present at least one technique with the application for inspection and it is highly reccomended you make a page for it instead of explaining it on the application though it will be allowed.
  8. Your animal sage can't teach how to extend one's time in Sage Mode, the characters who attain it must figure that out on their own or with help from other HUMAN characters.

Application Form (Incomplete)

Your Username:

The variation's name:

Sage Teacher: {Create page then link)

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