So, a while ago I was trying to finish my character Daichi Uchiha and realized that I had to add information from his first role play, Appearance however, while I was reading it, I noticed a few flaws me and the other participant failed to notice when we were writting it so I asked him if he minded rewritting it with me and he agreed. From there, I thought about how we would rewrite it and originally, my thoughts were just write over the original page but it was one of the role plays I enjoyed the most and I'm happy with how it turned out though it could have been a bit better and then a thought popped into my head, add the tab template and rewrite the role play with the original as a guide that way readers can read both without having to go through the page's history and easily compare the differences. Doing this would allow for us roleplayers to adjust the role plays as needed if we choose to revamp our character involved in the story or if we are not totally satisfied with the role play yet don't have the heart to just override the original. It also serves to give us more things to do as well as allow us to revisit past role plays and experience them again in the way we did while writting them, an experience that can't be fully be re-experienced through reading although it is pretty close. So, I ask everyone, are you up to it? If so, I'll try to keep this blog updated with which role plays have been rewritten in this manner so people can easily find and read them.