Hi everyone, Second Hokage Boredfan1 here with an idea on how to roleplay more properly on the chat when we roleplay Naruto world style in order to make things more fun when doing so. Bear in mind that at this time, these rules are optional however, I and a few others will not role play on chat with you unless you follow these rules.

The Idea

Okay so, first off, everyone puts a infobox template on their profile and fills it out though without putting real world personal info on it to keep their privacy. Once that is done, 

In order to use this new way of roleplaying, users choose a infobox for characters and place it on their profile then they get to work filling it out with Naruto world information as to prevent any personal details of the user from being leaked to those who would abuse it. Once filled out, the users then use that information in the chat room roleplaying to dictate what they can and can't do in battles and in general so nobody can do a god move such as blow the whole world up or something.


  1. If you die in the RP, then your out until the RP is finished unless it is two people then the RP is finished, there is no retaliating from death.
  2. No one may use the 10 tails as it is too powerful.
  3. Only those who agree to do an RP before it begins are participants and no one new can join unless both people in 2 people RP's agree or in the case of 3 or more, a majority of people must agree.
  4. The Rinnegan, Sharingan (all forms), Wood Release, Blaze Release and other restricted Kekkei Genkai along with the restricted techniques can't be used unless a character you own legitimetly possesses it.
  5. Users can't call someone from another universe to help them, especially a god, titan or giant from Greek or roman mythology or Goku from the Dragon Ball series.
  6. Techniques used must be one which a legitiment character of the user possesses.
  7. While users are not limited in how many techniques they can use, no one may use more than two natures at a time, including advanced natures and Kekkei Tota. (certain exceptions allowed)
  8. Users can use a tailed beast's powers if they have a legitiment Jinchuriki but they are limited to what the Jinchuriki can do.

You're thoughts?