Hello, I am Boredfan1, a guy with a lot of time on his hands and who is usually bored but I make up for that by spending my time hanging out on games and fansites.

I only recently joined this site but I have been a Naruto fan for years and for a while now have been writting my own jutsu without ever considering that there could be a place to put them up.

Naruto was not my first anime but it is one of my favorite and I will continue to write stuff for it probably for a long, long tim as Naruto is not something that get's old.

I also write fan fiction stories, having deleted two attempts at making good alternate versions of our current storyline to date but I am not one to give up so I'll keep writting and probably keep deleting lol.

Besides Naruto, I am attempting to write fanfiction for Legend of Zelda and a few other things though development on them has been stalled. :L

Unfortunately, I seem to rotate between wikia sties so I may be here one day and gone the next but I'll be back with new ideas and concepts probably better than before.

Well, this is me.

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