This article, Unofficial Writing & Roleplaying Guide: How To Continue To Improve Your Writing is currently undergoing construction by the community however, we promise to finish it as soon as possible.


  1. Never abbreviate a character's name, it is simply lazy and degrades the quality of whatever the writing is for, using a person's first name is usually all that is needed so that gives you a bit of a break however, sometimes the person's last name is needed and rarely their middle name(s).
  2. Always remember to capitalize names, places and beginning letters of the first word of a sentance.
  3. While you can abbreviate, it is best to spell out words as must as possible however, really long names for example the United States of America can be abbrieviated, everyone pretty much knows what it means but don't always abbrieviate it.
  4. Do your very best at all times, not doing so will result in a very sloppy mess that hardly anyone will want to read, resulting in harsh criticism.
  5. Criticism is part of the writing process, accept that and try to learn everything you can from it, you learn a lot more from failure than you do success and criticism does indicate failure a lot.
  6. While you will get compliments when you do well, don't let it go to your head and get all arrogant to the point where you believe you're better than everyone else, that leads to degration of your writing skills and less will comment on your writing.
  7. Always do a spell check before you save, it is very embarrassing to have misspelled a word due to a typo or incompetence or mess up with grammar or punctuation.
  8. Never try to force yourself to think of something, that will simply hinder your writing abilities further, instead let your creativeness flow on it's own.
  9. Keep a positive attitude, the moment you get negative is when your writing abilities will go out the door.
  10. Try to be as detailed as possible, putting too little or too much detail though can easily kill the RP.
  11. Keep the character's gender and ages balanced, too much of one will make you too confortable with one style and prevent you from advancing as fast.


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