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Because most don't realize how many different kinds of characters they can make and often forget the different kinds they know about, less characters are made because users want more characters but not sure what kind they should make. The list below is ever growing and was created to help users create characters through inspiration from looking at the list.

The List


Ninjutsu Specialtist - Someone who broadly specializes in the use of and development of their Ninjutsu and Ninjuts abilities. Because of this however, they have little in the way of Genjutsu, Taijutsu and Bukijutsu skills.

Genjutsu Specialtist - Someone who specializes in the use of and development of Genjutsu in general and their own Genjutsu abilities. Because of this, they have little in the way of Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and Bukijutsu skills.

Taijutsu Specialtists - Someone who specializes in the use of, development of physical combat and their own physical abilities. Because of this, their Ninjutsu skills and Genjutsu skills near nonexistent.

Bukijutsu Specialtist - Someone who specializes in the us of weapons as their primarily means of combat however, they typically have little to no Genjutsu or Ninjutsu skills with a variating degree of Taijutsu skill.

Barrier Ninjutsu Specialist - A sub type of a Ninjutsu specialization, these specialists use barriers to control the battle and defend themselves and allies.

Chakra Absorption Specialist - A sub type of Ninjutsu specialization, these specialists focuses on defeating their opponent by draining them of most or all of their chakra. Their other abilities may vary.

Chakra flow Specialist - Someone who uses chakra flow to enhance their body or weapon(s) to make them stronger, lighter and faster or harms enemies by directly flowing their chakra into the enemy.

Clone techniques Specialist (Bunshinjutsu) - A sub type of Ninjutsu specialization that focuses on expanding and innovating how clones are used for combat, reconaissance and miscellaneous uses.

Collaboration techniques specialist (Konbijutsu) - ​A sub type to Ninjutsu specialization that focuses on using powerful techniques by using the same or different techniques in combination with one or more allies for a much greater affect. Because they rely so heavily on allies, their ability to fight alone is weak.

  • Juinjutsu specialist (Cursed seal techniques)
  • Kenjutsu specialist (Sword techniques)
  • Kinjutsu specialist (Forbidden techniques)
  • Nintaijutsu specialist (Ninja body techniques)
  • Shurikenjutsu specialist (Thrown weapons)
  • Space-Time Ninjutsu specialist (Jikūkan ninjutsu)
  • Wind Release Ninjutsu specialist
  • Water Release Ninjuts specialtist
  • Earth Release Ninjutsu specialtist
  • Fire Release Ninjutsu specialtist
  • Lightning Release Ninjutsu specialtist
  • Puppeteer
  • Chakra Release based Senjutsu specialtist
  • Animal based Senjutsu specialtist
  • Medical Ninjutsu Specialtist

Shinobi Types


  • Traveler
  • Bandit
  • Wanderer
  • Genius
  • Prodijy
  • Street urchin

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