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Ultra Kinjitō
Name Ultra Kinjitō
Kanji ウルトラ 金字塔
Literal English Ultra Pyramid
Rank A-Rank
Range Short to Long Range
Type Offensive
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Lightning Release
Parent jutsu Kinjitō
User(s) Aimi Naga


Aimi created this technique using the same concept of its parent technique, Kinjitō. This is an overpowered version of its parent. It has all the same effects like the original but, the effects will be much more powerful and the Pyramid will be larger. Aimi needs to use both hands to even create the technique. She is able to do all the same with the normal Kinjitō.

All of the techniques that use the normal Kinjitō are usable using this version. They will be much more powerful and will normally be larger. However, this version takes much more chakra for the trade-off. (There will be a section in all of the techniques explaining the effects of this farther.)

If Gyuki's chakra is mixed into the technique, Aimi can make the Pyramid with only one had. It will also gain a massive power boost with the Beast's chakra.

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