This article, Uchiha Splinter Group, is canon to the wiki's storyline.


Twenty five years before the Uchiha massacre, fifty Uchiha who were not satisfied with their lives in Konohagakure broke off from the main body and became nomadic, hiding their Uchiha inheritance with great expertise and success to protect themselves from their vulnerable position and because they did not wish to be affiliated with the main body that they believed to be weak pawns of the Senju clan. Originally, they traveled between the smaller nations that didn't have shinobi villages and sold their shinobi skills to these nations as mercenaries however, the group fractured when ten of it's members lost interest in being shinobi and tried to convince the rest of the group that they no longer have a reason to be shinobi however, that didn't go over too well and those ten Uchiha, including Daichi Uchjiha's parents left the group, forming a smaller nomadic group which eventually split up and it's members scattered across the world. Daichi's parents maintained contact with their friends from the main group and the smaller group up until they moved onto the isolated and uncharted island and know nothing about what has happened to the other fourty eight Uchiha and neither does Daichi. 


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  • Originally, this group was just two individual Uchiha, Daichi Uchiha's parents who left their clan and went their own way, not forming a break off group at all.
  • The original concept that gave birth to this page was just a way of explaining how Daichi Uchiha could exist after the Uchiha Massacre however, this page was created as a  means to open up a way for others to explain how they have an Uchiha.

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